Looking to purchase a Time Share Resale?
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We have one of the largest inventory of timeshare resales in the country.  We can accommodate from 4 to 8 people per unit. Why pay $15,000 or more? You can purchase a resale week for half of that cost or less. 

Would you rent a dream home if you could
buy one?  Of course not!!

Purchase a timeshare week for the exact
same reasons you bought your home, why
rent when you can own for less?

Owning your vacation will give you the
opportunity to stay at fabulous resorts
anywhere in the world, with all amenities,
in spacious fully equipped luxury condos,
villas or cabins this is the alternative to
renting hotels and costs a lot less.

A one-time purchase will secure your dream vacations every year, forever. The only cost after your initial purchase is a maintenance fee and property taxes. These are minimal, since you are sharing the cost with other owners. Will it to your children and guarantee them a lifetime of vacations too.

Most accommodations are rated: Gold Crown, International Distinction, 5 star and 4 star. Let us do the work for you and find your ideal Time Share. 

Please Fill out the Information Request Form below. We will find you a selection of weeks to match your request.

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